I used to think of Fall Out Boy as some emo excuse for Punk/Rock, some really hyper band that tasteless kids waste their walks to school listening to.

And then I heard Centuries.

You immediately hear a burst of light, a blast of colour, an outbreak of joy with a backfire of revenge. The tension builds up and hits the roof at the end of the song.

You know when sometimes you hear a song, one song, and it changes your perception of a band: well that’s what Centuries did for me. It made me realise that maybe FOB weren’t that bad after all, and I shouldn’t judge a band without really trying my best to understand their music. Seriously, I was missing so much. This song is just right for the days where you hate everyone.

The vocals are so empowering and are very wisely backed up by that compelling main riff, and let’s not forget the impressing rythm noticeable all the way through this masterpiece. I also absolutely love that delighteful “duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh […]” which has a great pop resonance, so catchy.

Fall Out Boy, you have shot up in my esteem.