Lucy Rose

It is like a steaming cup of tea with a piece of lemon meringue pie on a table top, like the wind gently twirling a pile of red autumn leaves around, like fresh sheets and hot chicken soup. Lucy Rose’s “Like I Used To” gives us an insight on her spontaneous thoughts and emotions, a poignant portrait of her bruised heart; a comfortable and accessible vision of feelings we’ve all been through.

Shiver, my favorite, is an incredibly emotion-filled yet simple track, Lucy’s voice sounding so natural, clean and straightforward. It’s a song about wanting to go back in time, and missing a person so very deeply, missing their touch “And I’ll shiver like I used to”. The simple and oh-so-delicate strumming adds to the effect of rawness and pure remorse.

It actually makes me shiver.

Another track, on a completely different wavelength: Bikes, leaves you feeling utterly joyful, savouring the hope in her voice, relishing the ubiquitous anticipation. It has a really exciting ring to it, mainly thanks to the jumpy tempo, giving it an even more increasingly lively tone.

I wish there was more purely and simply talented artists like Lucy Rose, songs filled with emotion and empathy and fervor and grief and hope and warmth.