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Muscle recovery is a hot topic for any sport, because, other things being equal, the more often and more intensely the athlete trains, the faster he progresses, but in order to train more, more often and more powerful, you need to recover after a workout. Accordingly, absolutely any athlete is looking for ways to speed up the recovery process. Is it possible? Yes it is possible! Moreover, this must be done. This topic is particularly relevant in speed-strength sports, because technical skill in this case plays a smaller role than in game disciplines or martial arts. In this regard, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the basic principles of recovery and auxiliary methods of its acceleration.

First, it should be understood that different systems of the body have different terms and sequence of recovery. That is why the regeneration of muscle tissue never begins until the full restoration of energy systems. In this regard, in the course of training, some systems are constantly under-restored, which, in the end, can lead to a “plateau”, therefore it is necessary to take masteron enanthate this into account in the annual training plan and accordingly to compile macro cycles. Secondly, it should be understood that there are basic things, and there are minor ones. The basic conditions for recovery include nutrition and sleep, and everything else is secondary. And if you do not observe the basic conditions for recovery after a workout, then no secondary manipulations can replace this!

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Basic recovery factors

Nutrition: the most fundamental factor of recovery, since with the lack of one or another macro or micro nutrient the regeneration of organic tissues and energy systems will be significantly slowed down. Many people think that protein is the most important nutritional nutrient, as all magazines scream about how important protein is. But magazines shout about it only because protein is much more expensive than a gainer, and, in fact, carbohydrates are of fundamental importance. And that is why all security officials, for whom the presence of the press does not play a significant role, allow themselves to have "extra weight." So, remember, the more calorie intake, the faster you recover! On the other hand, it is immeasurable to eat away so that later it can be “dried”, losing the accumulated results, as meaningless, so it is recommended to count calories and eat according to circadian rhythms. You can read about it in detail here: male diet; biological rhythms.

Sleep: the same fundamental muscle recovery factor as nutrition, since its deficiency cannot be compensated. It is necessary to sleep at night, in the dark, because most of the melatonin is produced at this time, more so when a person sleeps from 10 pm to 6 am, this allows one to achieve the greatest production of growth hormone. Sleep per day should be at least 8 hours, and it is advisable to sleep and all 10: 8 hours at night and 2 hours in the afternoon. It is clear that not everyone can afford such a schedule, but you need to strive for the ideal! Especially important is sleep during weight loss, because the utilization of subcutaneous fat most intensively takes place in a dream, and therefore, it can be argued that the more you sleep, the faster you lose weight.

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Training recovery methods

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Split: it’s not about organizing training schedules for muscle groups, it’s about breaking up workouts. The shorter the workout, the faster you can recover from it. And this is not about the fact that the author needs a “boat”, as an experienced “captain”. The point is that the total time required for muscle recovery between the three workouts will be shorter than the time that will be necessary for recovery, if you put the amount of three workouts into one. For example, if you perform 6 exercises in 5 sets of 5 repetitions per workout, then you will need to restore a time equal to n. If you trenbolone enanthate cycle do 2 exercises in the morning, go home, sleep, then go back to the gym in the afternoon and do 2 more exercises, then rest again and do 2 more exercises in the evening, then the time for full recovery will be n-1. At the same time, the intensity of shorter workouts will increase. Therefore, if you train 3 times a week, it is better to break the same volume 6 times.

Warm up and hitch: two very important factors in muscle recovery, since both help prevent injuries, as well as allow you to quickly restore energy after a workout. Do you remember that the muscles begin to recover only after the energy has recovered! Of course, a warm-up has no relation to post-training recovery, it is more needed to prevent injuries, but a hitch is necessary for this. What gives a hitch? Zaminka allows you to speed up the process of removing lactate from the muscles, and this is the first thing that needs to be done in order to start the regeneration of energy.

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Toning workouts: another great training way to speed up recovery, the essence of which is to conduct light workouts. You can run in the morning, or "pumped" light dumbbells, dispersing blood, in general, do something that allows you to achieve pumping. What for? Because hormones and nutrients enter the muscles together with blood, so the body quickly flushes testosterone undecanoate out decay products from them and gets additional resources to restore them.

Stretching: this method largely repeats the previous one, but it should be singled out separately due to the fact that tonic training and stretching can be done in parallel. Exercises for stretching you can see here. We recommend using this method not only as a way to accelerate muscle recovery after a workout, but also as a way to improve speed-strength characteristics. Stretching helps to avoid injuries, improves muscular feeling, promotes the development of technical skills and, in general, is an important aspect of training.

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Procedures to speed recovery

Hardening: is a very simple and effective procedure that can be carried out directly at home, in connection with which we decided to put it in the first place. This method allows you to speed up the recovery process and reduce the chance of catching a cold in the winter, resulting in the absence of the need to skip workouts. You can see the methodology of the tempering procedure here.

Massage: a more effective procedure when it comes to muscle recovery, but more time and costly. If you are a very poor student, then you can massage yourself, although it sounds ambiguous. Self-massage is quite an effective procedure, and it is recommended to perform it even if you can afford a massage therapist. If you are a crazy fan and you have a friend who is just as crazy a fan as you are, then you can learn the procedure of sports massage and not spend money testosterone propionate for sale on a professional massage therapist.

Preparations to speed recovery

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Steroids: the most effective of the additional methods of muscle recovery, which is why doping is so popular in professional sports. Without respect for basic factors, steroids, of course, will not work. But, if an athlete correctly trains, eats enough and sleeps, then if steroids are used, his progress will be faster at times. We can say that all other ways to accelerate recovery compared to steroids – nothing! Does this mean that we recommend steroids? By no means! Steroids are harmful, and the harm they cause is incomparable with the benefits they can bring to an amateur. As for professional athletes, unfortunately, they have to use doping, since the "natural" "chemist" is not a rival. And, nevertheless, the use of doping in professional sports is contrary to sports ethics!

Sport-pit: the main products of sports nutrition, which can speed up the recovery process after a workout, include isotonics, creatine and amino acids. All these drugs accelerate the process of resynthesis of energy systems, and you remember that the restoration of muscle structures begins only after energy has recovered. Isotonics should be drunk during exercise, amino acids before and immediately after, and creatine should be taken during extra-training time, since this supplement has an accumulation effect. All other sports nutrition products are either ineffective in terms of speeding up recovery, or are designed to solve other problems.

Conclusion: the most important thing that is necessary for a quick recovery after a workout is to eat and sleep properly. Frequent and short workouts, light training sessions, a hitch at the end of developmental training, stretching, massage, hardening, and special preparations for resynthesis of energy systems can help recover faster. Reviews (UPDATED 2019) – Choice for Anabolic Steroids in United States – Online Pharmacy Reviews

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