Oh the times I have longed to belong to another era, taste the explosions of bass and echoing guitar solos in overcrowded venues, feel the excitement in every step, every encouraging scream… Witness the artists that gave music a meaning: Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Queen, The Beatles, David Bowie, The Smiths…

And that was before I heard Wolf Alice.

The eerie, deep lyrics bouncing off the complementary way all instruments are woven together in a fresh, fun and perky manner. Eye catching titles (“Fluffy”, “Blush”, “Bros”…), contrastful harmonies, full of youth and optimism… If I could pick a band to represent 2015 Alternative Rock, I would definitely pick Wolf Alice.

I just can’t get enough of the way they keep you hanging onto a moment in time, in total suspension between the constant movement and buzz of life and the calm and depth of one’s inner thoughts.

All in all, great band musically speaking and, cherry on top, I don’t think it needs an explanation as to how cool they look:


Two Gallants - 2- Gallants

These 34 year old besties are a crazy fusion between rock and folk, critics comparing them to “Dylan covering The White Stripes”; and after The Throes (2004), What The Toll Tells (2006), The Scenery Of Farewell (2007), The Bloom And The Blight (2012), here comes their fabulous, dazzling new album We Are Undone.

Sounds burst out from all over the place, this anthology of incohesion is a roar into the boundless void of Rock and Roll. The Two Galants, Tyson Vogel and Adam Stephenson, who sound anything but gentleman-like, seem to be screaming farewell to their punk/blues past.

One of my personal favorites here, which plunges you straight into a boiling hot tub of a mesmerizing confusion, The Age Nocturne. It starts with some reverb/ overdrive lead, but that slight softness is slowly driven away by a heavy and crunchy strum, which is the perfect background to Adam Stephenson’s powerful choleric voice. A subtle crescendo that leaves you totally bewildered.

I’m actually getting high on these guys, on their art of fusing different genres and making it sound completely natural.