FREAKIN AWESOME MASHUP – Andie, Dodie and Orla (I love Youtube)

Gaaaah, I’m pretty sure nothing illustrates the power of music more than this video. I mean pure, real, raw music. The stuff that pulls you out of the universe and throws you into this whirlpool of honest emotion! These girls are the definition of talent.

I know there’s a lot of criticism around Youtubers, and this whole new world of music that’s developed in the last few years, but seriously I’m so glad stuff like this can be shared to the world. This is Andie, Dodie and Orla, three girls from totally different areas of the world, all three ever so full of talent, who are able to piece their art together to create something so fresh and true! I find that so wonderful. They just need one guitar, their three voices and a camera, and BOOM. There it is. THIS.

And seriously, even though this is such a cliché thing to say, how different is this from the stuff that’s on the music market today? You don’t need years in the studio adding fancy beats, complicated auto tune, ridiculous amounts of tracks and harmonies and just all round pollution. You just need talent, and heart. No pretention, just three musicians doin’ their thang for us all to savor.