Gabrielle Aplin

I mean, seriously, this girl is amazing.

Gabrielle Aplin, my favorite 23 year old British singer-songwriter (wait unless Ed Sheeran is 23…), proves us once again that real musicians can get somewhere without all that commercial crap. She is so authentic and true, even when she covers a song she does it in such a heartfelt way.

Gabby started out on Youtube, posting her covers (where I first discovered her about six years ago) regularly, including stuff like Bon Iver, Kodaline, Katy Perry, Wheatus, Dylan… A real variety of really good covers. She started to gather quite a following, getting thousands and sometimes even millions of views on her videos: this is when she started to write her own songs. After three EP’s, she released her first full length called “English Rain” which is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. It just reminds you what music is all about.

And I know how people look is not supposed to change how you like them, and that music is listened to and not seen, but seriously, she is just so cute. You just have to like her.

Another thing I really like about her is her guitar style and choice, since she always plays with a gorgeous Mahogany Martin or mini Martin, which obviously gives her tracks such a deep resonance, and is a feast to the eyes. She plays in quite a simple way, nothing too fancy, some picking going on and if not, just a light strum. She also plays piano and mixes those two up really nicely.

One last thing:

Sit back, and just listen to this. How beautiful/amazing/fascinating/delightful/elegant/exquisite/graceful/magnificent/marvelous/splendid/stunning/superb/wonderful is this?