Why Lost is One of the Best TV Shows Ever
We’ve never really been the type of family that sits tightly at the table every night, discussing politics and how John from work has invited us to his House Warming party next month. Having no man at home to tell us otherwise, we prefer sitting in front of a TV show with a nice plate of food: just what we need after a long day of running around trying to tick all the boxes on the list. One night, bowl of chicken casserole and orange juice box in hand, we stumbled upon this series, hidden in between the stuff we’d already watched on Netflix: we’ve never stopped talking about Lost ever since. I swear it’s like there is a new aspect of the human condition, a new crisis in the world: will Sun find Jin? Who will Kate end up with, Sawyer or Jack? How the hell did that guy become Locke all of a sudden?
It’s a mind-boggling mix of biblical references, distressing orchestra music, and extremely on point acting that just merges into this one crazy world which makes you believe things that you would never have put your faith into. It seems as if every type of character, every story line ever created was stirred into this steamy, boiling hot brew; concoction of clever details crashing into each other, dismantling whatever you thought was going on.
It’s fascinating how it manages to lead you onto the wrong track, every single time, fooling you. You come out of it all not knowing who to trust and totally shaken by the existential questions they constantly raise: good and bad, life and death, heaven and hell, truth and lies… A Robinson Crusoe scheme at first that grows into something so much more complex than the basic “group of castaways lost on an island with no contact with the outside world, who will end up returning home happily ever after”. Oh no, all that’s before the scientific experiments and Dharma Initiative which make you wonder if there really is a place that is constantly in movement, the island’s “security system” which is actually a black smoke monster (totally normal), the whole “dark side” thing where the people we thought were good and completely trustworthy become blood-thirsty monsters (Claire, Said and Locke – I’m totally not talking about you, no worries chill out).
And don’t even get me started on the amount of times I have bawled my eyes out, it’s like every time I find my favorite character, they die in the most atrocious way (often involving drowning or no oxygen or something like that).
So, is it hell on earth, or earth in hell?